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Comprehensive Plan

The 1998 City of Waitsburg Comprehensive Plan, as revised in 2006/2007, contains policies and recommendations to direct public and private decisions affecting future growth and development in the City of Waitsburg and the adjacent Urban Growth Area. This Plan was developed by the City in accordance with Section 36.70A.070 of the Growth Management Act (GMA). It represents the community's policy plan for growth over the next 20 years.

Because the town is interdependent with other communities, the long-term planning for the City needs to be adaptable to unexpected or rapid changes. Therefore, rather than simply prioritizing actions, this Plan assists in the management of the City by providing policies to guide decision making. The Plan includes specific elements pertaining to Historic Preservation, Housing, Land Use, Transportation, Utilities, Capital Facilities, Shoreline and Annexation.

Although Waitsburg has had City-wide zoning since 1947, the 1998 Plan was originally the City's first Comprehensive Plan. This revised Plan is based on the best available information at this time and is designed for a planning period of 20 years, with an annual review of the Six-year Capital Improvements Program and an overall review of the Plan every five years.

The purpose of a comprehensive plan is to translate community values into a framework for decisions on growth and community services. It expresses a long-range vision of how citizens want Waitsburg to look and function in the future. It also provides a strategy for achieving that vision.

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