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Yearly Elections under Territorial Charter

Coffee at the Waitsburg Hardware Store

Waitsburg holds a yearly election that takes place the first Monday in April. We have a caucus system where people are nominated to the ticket. Caucuses must be held no sooner than 30 days and no later than 15 days before the election. Most cities hold elections every four years, with staggered terms, in accordance with general election laws as outlined in RCW 29A. The fact that we are still operating under our own Territorial Charter allows us to abstain from conforming with the regular election laws. We are the only city in the nation that still operates under its Charter. We have formally adopted many of the RCWs, but, in many cases, we have the ability to pick and choose which of them to adopt. Come sit for a spell, have some fresh coffee, a cookie, and chat with your friends and neighbors. Step back in time when people took time to visit with friends around a potbellied stove. The Waitsburg Hardware store offers just the right atmosphere to foster community. You will also find local rescued cats and dogs milling about the store getting medical attention and discipline before being put up for adoption to local residents. Be sure to visit this unique feature of Waitsburg.

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