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City Administrator/Clerk/Treasurer: Randy Hinchliffe
Deputy City Clerk: Kelly Steinhoff
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City Council Meeting Agenda & Packet

July 18

City Council Meeting Minutes

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If you need minutes for past meetings, please contact City Hall.

City Council
Mayor: Martin Dunn
Mayor Pro Tem: Kevin House
Council Members:
Kate Hockersmith
Terry Jacoy
KC Kuykendall
Jim Romine
Treasurer: Randy Hinchliffe

Committee Assignments
Budget/Finance: Dunn & House
Water/Sewer/Streets: Kuykendall & Jacoy
Parks/Cemeteries/Pool: Jacoy & Hockersmith
Fairgrounds: Hockersmith & Kuykendall
Nuisance/Police/Health: House & Romine
Flood Prevention/Emergency Preparedness: Hockersmith & Romine
Trees: Hockersmith & House
Personnel: Dunn & House
Mayor Pro Tem: Kevin House

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