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The City of Waitsburg has provided the following links to our codes, ordinances and resolutions for our citizens convenience. Please feel free to read these documents and call us with any questions you may have.

The City of Waitsburg's Complete Code is accessible to you in pdf format.

City Ordinances and Resolutions are also included on this site. The 10 most recent ordinances and resolutions are listed below. If you need earlier ones, please contact City Hall.

1043 Municipal Code Updates Re: Water Deposits
1044 Municipal Code Updates Re: U-Turns & Animal Control
1045 Water & Sewer System Infrastructure Loan Approval
1045A Water & Sewer System Financing Amendment
1046 WMC Updates
1047 Budget Amendment
1048 2018 City Budget
1049 City Election Update
1050 Alley Vacation Approval
1051 Municipal Code Updates Re: Flood Hazard Areas

674 6-Year Plan Update
675 Contractor Award for Sidewalk Project
676 Capital Facilities Plan Update
677 Property Taxes
678 CEMP Promulation
679 Personnel Manual Update
681 Approving Tour of Walla Walla Bicycle Race
682 Setting Annexation Hearing Date
683 Setting Alley Vacation Hearing Date
684 HCP Grant

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