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The City of Waitsburg has provided the following links to our codes, ordinances and resolutions for our citizens convenience. Please feel free to read these documents and call us with any questions you may have.

The City of Waitsburg's Complete Code is accessible to you in pdf format.

City Ordinances and Resolutions are also included on this site. The 10 most recent ordinances and resolutions are listed below. If you need earlier ones, please contact City Hall.

1030 Municipal Code Updates Re: Planning Commission
1031 Fire District Annexation
1032 2016 Budget Adoption
1033 Budget Amendment
1034 Establishing Friends of the Fairgrounds Committee
1036 WMC Updates
1037 Complete Streets Policy
1038 2017 City Budget
1039 TBD Assumption
1040 Utility Rate Increase

661 6-Year Plan Update
662 Financial Policy Update
663 Capital Facilities Plan Update
664 Preston Avenue Bridge Contract Award
665 No Property Tax Increase
666 Suspension of Economic Development Committee
667 Transportation Benefit District Public Hearing Date
668 Temporarily Suspending New Business License Fees
669 Emergency Management Interlocal Agreement
670 Approving Tour of Walla Walla Bicycle Race

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